What are the best careers in visual communication?

Visuals are often a potent and impactful tool of communication widely used by brands to connect with the audience and convey their message. Visual communications represent information in graphics, which efficiently adds more clarity to the given idea or concept. Moreover, in the 21st century, nearly all brands use some form of visual communication, be it a website cover photo, brand logo, creative infographics, or social media post, to grab the attention of their customer base. 

A career in visual communication varies highly in their daily responsibilities. Hence, learning about the job profiles before launching your career in this field allows you to make an informed decision. 

  • VFX Artist

A VFX artist is a professional who brings imagination to life by designing digitally generated images for gaming, television, or movies. These professionals use high-end technology to make life-like superheroes, dragons, and aliens. 

  • UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer is a well-known job profile that includes designing graphic elements. The core responsibility of a UI/UX designer includes designing and implementing navigations that can enhance user experience in a digital tool. 

  • Web Designer

A web designer is a very prominent job profile within visual communications. The core responsibility of a web designer is to design, build, and improve websites using a combination of programming and creative skills that can simplify the interface and enhance the user experience by making it easy to navigate and understand. 

  • Graphic Artist

Graphic artists are commercial artists who typically integrate visual and text-based content to meet clients’ requirements. Using digital photography, software, collage, painting, and other digital media, they create book covers, art for advertisements, home decor or clothing designs, etc. These professionals’ graphics capture the customer’s attention while effectively communicating the brand’s message. 

  • Visual Communication Designer

Visual communication designers usually create mobile and web products that are highly functional and visually engaging, which requires professionals to develop innovative and creative ideas and eventually conceptualise them. 

  • Animator

An animator is a creative professional who works with voice artists and storytellers for platforms like video games, films, and commercials. They create a series of images referred to as frames in the visual world. The purpose of these frames is to stimulate movements. 

  • Advertising photographer

As advertising photographers, individuals must understand digital media and films well. These professionals take pictures of a variety of subjects to create professional materials. 

Visual communication is a lucrative field for creative individuals as it offers a stable career with consistent growth in the future due to growing digitalisation. If you want to embark on a successful career, an MA in Visual Communication can help you strengthen your skills to build an impressive portfolio. Apply for the programme now!

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