Traits Of A Good Writing Contest

As a budding writer are you thinking of participating in the writing competitions? It is a good idea to take part in the writing contests. You will be able to improve your writing skills on the one hand and also improve your profile visibility in the community of writers. These two are very important for any writer to be highly effective. 

While it is a good choice to participate in the writing contests, you should also understand that it is not going to be easy to find the right writing contest. This does not mean that there aren’t enough options. The challenge mainly is due to the fact that there are multiple choices. Among the many choices, one would not know how to shortlist the right contest. If you are so confused, then here are a few important traits to look for in a good writing contest. 

The contest platform would have been in this segment for several years. In other words, it is not a brand new platform. The contest organizer would have several years of experience in this field. Someone with a vast experience will be able to give the contestants a better experience. Another benefit here is that it shows that it is a reliable platform. If it were not to be a reliable platform then the platform would not have survived for so many years. 

The next key trait to look for is the transparency. Does the contest platform feature all the contest details making the entire process highly transparent? If you should find any misleading information or if any essential information is missing, you can try to contact the event organizer to see whether they are ready to provide you with the required information. If you do not get satisfactory response then you should stay away from such platforms.

Does the online contest platform feature free writing contests? Some of them feature only the paid contests and others feature both free contests as well as paid contests. If you are keen on attending only the free writing contests then you must look for platforms that feature free contests.

The contest platform will enjoy a good reputation and the ratings would be good. Users who have already participated in the contests through that platform would leave feedback on the contest experience. You need to look for customer feedback and pick contest platforms that have excellent customer rating. 

All the reputed writing contest platforms would have their contest platform regularly updated. As soon as you visit a contest directory or website check whether they have up to date listings or else, you would end up with a series of outdated contests. This would ruin the entire signup experience. 

Now that you know what are the key traits to look for when you sign up for a writing contest, try to match these traits with the contests that you come across and pick the most dependable contests based on the above factors. 

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