5 High Yield Pearls for fulfillment across the ABIM Internal Medicine Boards

It’s crunch the actual within the ABIM Internal Medicine Boards, and “High Yield” is essential. You won’t desire to waste your time and efforts, and you need to be as efficient as possible. Well, I lately gave a lecture titled, “Dr. Rezaie’s 5 Pearls to Passing it’s.” This really is frequently an over-all publish, and could be used any standardized test in your past couple of occasions of preparation.

Jewel #1: Always begin to see the question first, evaluate the solutions, return and focus the issue stem

You waste your time and efforts looking in the passage and searching out inside the labs first

What else could you consider?

The quantity of occasions are you able to shuttle between passage and solutions?

This method wastes time

Rather begin to see the question and solutions first then return and focus the passage.

Some questions can also be clarified without looking in the passage

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Jewel #2: Know about review of test

Created for that ABIM board exam “The Large 5” are:

General Internal Medicine

Cardiovascular Disease


Infectious Disease

Lung Disease and demanding Care

These 5 sections alone compromise roughly 50 – 60% within the exam

If time is brief, concentrate on these five sections

Ideally, you’ve left yourself sufficient time to examine all sections, however, if time is brief, studying over such things as skincare aren’t high yield

Jewel #3: Know about big 4 of medical decision-making

If you’re here to reply to 4 questions on every disease process, you’ll be ready for over 80% within the queries about test:

What’s the BEST initial test?

What’s the MOST ACCURATE test?

What’s the BEST initial therapy/treatment?

What’s the NEXT Neat Thing of management?

These four questions are known as “The Fischer Method”

Jewel #4: Pick a single book and question bank and follow it

There are lots of options, and are excellent.

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Personally, For me Mediterranean Study reads the simplest and it is considered because the high yield adopted by MKSAP

Ultimately pick one resource and follow it. Buying five different sources isn’t realistic to accomplish and you’ll not deal with the facts

Also pick one question bank and follow it.

Whether it’s Knowmedge, MKSAP, MedStudy, or Kaplan, you are able to undergo in the event you comprehend the material

Personally, I have attempted personally the Knowmedge and MKSAP question banks and felt like both were similar to the ABIM Board Exam

Jewel #5: Concentrate on most commons

I’d know about top three conditions of each area cold

i.e. Top Three infectious disease killers on the planet are Aids/AIDS, T . b, and Malaria

i.e. three in the 5 killers on the planet are Cardiovascular illnesses, Infectious illnesses, and chronic lung disease (Without doubt Cardiovascular, lung/critical care, and infectious illnesses are 3 of “The Large 5”)

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